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Since the 1950s, COMESSA has specialized in the design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of a wide range of equipment for Drying, Calcining and Cooling in line with the needs of its clients.
More stringent requirements in terms of respect for the environment have resulted in COMESSA developing and supplying a number of plants for the treatment of wastes and sludges.

The services we provide range from supplying individual equipment to complete plants, including:

  • Air preparation assemblies (filtration, ventilation, heating systems, exhaust gases recycling from drying operation,...).
  • Dedusting assemblies (cyclones, scrubbers, bag filters or post-combustion).
  • Ancillaries equipment (electrical panels, automation, conveyors, etc).
  • Field supervision services (supervision of erection, start up, performance tests, etc).

Depending on the types of  wastes and sludges to be treated, COMESSA offers a number of solutions:

  • Rotary tube dryers, directly or indirectly heated to minimise gas volumes.
  • Brick-lined rotary kilns for waste incineration.
  • Indirect rotary kilns for calcining in a specific controlled atmosphere.
  • Vibrating fluid beds for cooling of sludge pellets.
  • High temperature fluid beds (up to 1000°C).

Choosing the most appropriate equipment depends on the nature and type of product to be processed. To validate solutions, COMESSA has a test center in which all the technologies can be tested.

PRODUCTS experienced

Wastes/Recycling: Crushed glass, Industrial wastes, Metal chips, Metal slimes, Tyre pellets, Chicken offal and feathers, Chlorinated wastes, Rockwool wastes, Household garbages,...

Sludges: Industrial and organic sludges, Sludges from cleaning animal wool, Sludges from electrolysis, Lead sludges, Iron sulphate sludges, Metal hydroxide sludges, Sludge pellets from water treatment plants,...

Our references :

Tioxyde (Huntsman group), Veolia Water, Rockwool, Trédi (Séché group), Geteba, Pechiney, Valdi (Eramet group), Aquafin, Ipaq, Leoncini, Russian Chrome, Kazzinc, DuPont, Seghers, Renault, Exelgom,...  

RANGES of equipment

Fluid beds

  • Vibrating fluid bed

Rotary tubes

  • Cascade rotary tube
  • Combined rotary tube (dryer/cooler)
  • Indirect rotary tube with heat exchanger (steam tube dryer)
  • Indirect rotary tube heated through the shell

Band dryers

  • Band dryer

Flash dryers

  • Flash dryer


Drying, Cooling, Calcining,
Heat treatment, Pyrolysis


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