Application Chemicals


Since the 1950s, COMESSA has developed a wide range of equipment adapted for use in the chemical industry. COMESSA was in fact one of the first manufacturers of vibrating fluid beds in Europe. 

COMESSA has more than a thousand references across the entire chemicals sector, including the fields of:

In addition to Drying and Cooling, COMESSA is also able to offer equipment for Calcining and Pyrolysis, and more generally equipment for gas/solid Reactions (reduction, synthesis). 

According to the various processes to be applied, COMESSA is able to offer a very wide range of equipment, backed by a large number of references, including:

  • Static fluid beds (with or without heat exchangers)
  • Vibrating fluid beds (nature of vibration can be adapted to the type of product)
  • High temperature fluid beds (> 500°C)
  • Rotary tubes
  • Band dryers
  • Flash dryers

Some of these equipment (fluid beds, rotary tubes, band dryers) are available in high- and low-temperature versions. Fluid beds and rotary tubes can also be produced in direct and indirect heating versions.

The size and other parameters of each plant are adapted to suit the flow rate and other characteristics of the products to be processed. COMESSA also supplies ancillaries to its equipment, including air preparation assemblies, dedusting assemblies, instrumentation and electrical panels.


Polymers (S-PVC, ABS, PA, PE, PP), Mineral salts (sulphates, chlorides, nitrates, carbonates, bromides, perborates, percarbonates, persulphates), Elastomers (SBR, SBS, NBR, polybutadiene), Organic salts (nylon salts, oxalates), Organic acids (succinic acid, adipic acid, oxalic acid, amino acids), Catalysts (activation, regeneration, gas/solid catalytic reactions), Fertilizers (MAP, DAP, NPK, TSP, ammonium nitrate and calcium, potash, urea).

Our references :

Axens, Arkema, BASF, Bayer, Lanxess, BP, Clariant, Baikowski, Degussa, Dow Chemical, DSM, UBE, Engro Polymer & Chemicals, EniChem, Erco Worldwide, Ercros, Goodyear, Michelin, Holliday Pigments, Ineos, Johnson Mattey, Catalyst Recovery Europe, Eurecat, Kemira, Yara, Kosa, Rhodia, Solvay, Rohm and Haas, Sabic, Shell, Total, HPD  (Veolia group), France Evaporation,...   

RANGES of equipment

Fluid beds

  • Static fluid bed
  • Fluid bed with heat exchangers
  • High temperature fluid bed
  • Vibrating fluid bed

Rotary tubes

  • Cascade rotary tube
  • Combined rotary tube (dryer/cooler)
  • Indirect rotary tube with heat exchanger (steam tube dryer)
  • Indirect rotary tube heated through the shell

Band dryers

  • Band dryer

Flash dryers

  • Flash dryer


Drying, Cooling, Calcining, Pyrolysis, gas/solid Reactions (reduction, synthesis).


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