Fluid beds

Lit fluidisé statique

Static fluid bed

Lit fluidisé horizontal à échangeur

Fluid bed with heat exchangers

Lit fluidisé vertical à échangeur

Fluid bed with heat exchangers, vertical type

Lit fluidisé haute température

High temperature fluid bed

Lit fluidisé vibré

Vibrating fluid bed

Rotary tubes

Tube rotatif à cascade

Cascade rotary tube

Tube rotatif à louvres

Louvre rotary tube

Tube rotatif combiné (sécheur-refroidisseur)

Combined rotary tube (dryer/cooler)

Tube rotatif indirect à échangeur

Indirect rotary tube with heat exchanger (steam tube dryer)

Tube rotatif indirect chauffé par la paroi

Indirect rotary tube heated through the shell


Rotary shake out drum

Band dryers

Sécheur à bande

Band dryer

Flash dryers

Sécheur Flash

Flash dryer

Paddle mixers and granulators

Mélangeur et granulateur à palettes

Paddle mixer and granulator

Personalised request

COMESSA has a comprehensive offer of equipment to meet different needs in the field of thermal treatment of bulk solids.

If the product you need to process is not shown on the list, or if you have a particular constraint, please contact us so we can help you determine the technological options available.


Download the equipment sheets.

GERMAN, SPANISH versions available upon request. (flang@comessa.fr / +33 388 797 753)

Test laboratory

One of our strong points is our test center covering more than 1 200 m² which offers you the possibility of carrying out not only feasibility tests but also semi-industrial tests for all the equipment we market.